Introducing Glassworks’ Artisanal Jars

Utilising glass for packaging your products brings with it many advantages. From keeping produce fresher for longer and maintaining taste, to being extremely easy to sterilise as well as looking and feeling premium, both on the shelf and in the home; it’s easy to see why glass is such a highly sought over packaging material.

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The newest addition to Glasswork’s glass range is a host of extremely attractive artisanal jars. These jars are visually appealing and can be utilised for various food types including jam, pastes, pre-made desserts, chutneys, oils, drinks and more.

When we have attractive glass packaging like these artisanal jars we start to think about other uses these items might have once the product has been removed, in case consumers want to hang onto their packaging, rather than throw it away.

In a world where many are trying to do what they can for the environment, many consumers are hanging onto glass packaging after they’ve used what was inside it and ‘upcycling’ it, using it in new ways – usually for decorative purposes within their homes.

There are so many options for these jars after they’ve been used as packaging, here we round up just a few ideas for consumers to use to give artisanal jars a new lease of life after they’ve completed their main purpose:

Store Leftovers

This one is the perfect option for those who love to meal plan or bulk cook. Instead of using plastic bags and containers to store leftover sauces and food, why not use your glass jars instead? Using artisanal and glass jars (once washed out properly) means that any odours or flavours from what was previously stored in them won’t remain or seep into any new items within the jar. Plus they’ll make those leftovers look far more inviting; overnight oats all round!

Cookie and Cake Mix Gifts

Using glass jars as holders for gifts is a great way to upcycle. With many looking to gift homemade items for Christmas and birthdays, you could utilise your used jars into holders for baking mix sets as really thoughtful presents for neighbours, friends, colleagues and family members, especially as the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens soon.

Layer all the dry ingredients needed to create a delicious cake or cookie on top of one another in the glass jar. Complete the gift with a recipe label tied around the lid and voila! A simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly present.

Not a baking fan? These jars could be the perfect receptacle to brew some homemade spirits that could be given as gifts in the festive season.


For those who love gardening, terrariums are a great way to upcycle an old glass jar and are a great activity to get all the family involved with. Any sized jar can be used and you can create miniature gardens throughout your house.

Little hands will love to create their own miniature fairy garden or dinosaur jungle inside their own little glass jar.


Creative Play

While we are on the topic of family-friendly ideas, glass jars are great canvases for your children and can be decorated in numerous ways.

Stick cotton wool to the outside of the jar to create a white beard, glue googly eyes and a hat made of red card to create a festive Father Christmas decoration for the windowsill. Colourful feathers and sparkly pipe cleaners could be used to create fantastic birds or magical creatures.

You could even make a snowglobe by glueing a range of small characters or items inside of the jar and filling it with water and glitter. Or buy some coloured sand and layer it to make a plant base or sand art piece for their rooms.

Household storage

Glass jars are the perfect receptacle and size for storing a whole host of household items.

From bath salts to pasta, loose change to pet treats, garden seeds to matches, cotton wool, dried herbs and spices through to earbuds, sewing kits, screws and nails. You name it, a glass jar can make organising even the smallest, and most annoying of items simple, effective and pleasing to the eye!

Party Time!

If you’re hosting an event or party and are trying to think of cost-effective ways to decorate your venue without breaking the bank, then glass jars could be the perfect answer.

Utilise your leftover glass jars and turn them into candle votives to add vintage and elegant style to your tables.

At Glassworks International, we have a stunning range of elegant glass jars in a variety of sizes from 30ml to 1500ml.

One of our favourites from the range is our Artisanal jars with hinged lids starting from 125ml to 350ml.

Perfect for creating a rustic look to your jams, perseveres, chutneys and pastes. Not only do they look appealing on the shelf, but once used, your customers will probably want to retain the jars.


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