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It is no secret that we need to make significant changes to preserve the future of our planet and this is exactly why Global Recycling Day was created.

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Did you know that on average, each person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks?  Which is a staggering amount, but easy to forget.

For every tonne of glass recycled, over a tonne of natural resources are saved and since 2018, Global Recycling Day has helped shed light on the important part that recycling plays in everyday life for consumers and businesses alike.

If we put as much time and effort into recycling, as we spend on our phones every day, with everyone doing their bit, this can dramatically and positively impact minimizing pollution and preserving our natural resources.

We, as glass packaging suppliers, couldn’t be prouder of the products that we supply, as they allow consumers to enjoy an endlessly recyclable product. And while today we highlight the importance that glass packaging plays in recycling, there are many benefits of choosing glass packaging.

Some of these benefits include; it’s the safest form of packaging for food and beverages, you don’t need to add additives to protect the product inside from the packaging and glass as a packaging is temperature resistant and easy to sterilise.

By choosing glass packaging you can not only keep yourself healthier but help to make the earth healthier too – Win Win! Also, worth mentioning that a recent study found that 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to buy glass packaging in supermarkets, so businesses – it’s worth making the change to glass!

If you would like to do your bit, you can check your local recycling facility by following the link –

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