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Glassworks are a leading glass manufacturer in the UK and when it comes to making glass, you first need to look at the composition.

Container glass, known as Soda-Lime-Silica glass is made of naturally-occurring abundant raw materials, including silica (sand 71-75%), soda (Sodium Carbonate 12-14%) and limestone (Calcium Carbonate 10 -14%). Once mixed, the raw materials are introduced to the furnace on a continuous basis and melted at temperatures in the region of 1565°C to form molten glass.

The molten glass flows from the furnace and passes through refractory channels where it is refined and cooled to a homogeneous temperature and viscosity. The molten glass is then extruded and cut to form what are called ‘gobs of glass’.



The cut gobs of glass are then delivered into the forming machine where they are moulded to form our containers. The mixing, melting and forming processes are precisely controlled using sophisticated automatic measuring and control systems.

All our containers are subject to stringent checks; including 100% automatic inspection through a series of mechanical and optical-based systems, to assure that a high level of quality is maintained throughout.



To optimise and ensure consistent quality of our glass and any glass products produced, we utilise sophisticated state-of-the-art contact and non-contact (camera-based) machinery to inspect each and every glass container we produce.

Every element of the glass container is subject to inspection, including the sidewall, neck finish and base, ensuring that if the product has any defects or imperfections, that it is detected and rejected.



The method and quality of the outer packaging are of equal importance in ensuring that your goods arrive in perfect  condition. Glassworks have many years of experience in packing and handling and pride ourselves on our rigorous packaging methods.

So our customers don’t have to worry, we manage all logistic, import and handling processes on their behalf. All products are carefully shipped and stored in our UK warehouses for call off. Products are carefully inspected before being despatch and delivery and we are have a lot of experience ensuring delivery on a just in time basis.