National Peanut

Butter Day 2023

Today marks National Peanut Butter Day, celebrated every year on 24th January.

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It’s been around for well over two centuries, with some arguing that Dr John Harvey Kellogg (of Kelloggs cereal) brought it into the modern world by filing a patent in 1895.

Since then, it has become loved by millions around the world. Whether you have peanut butter in a sandwich with jelly, a dollop of the spread in your porridge or as a snack with apple, it’s a popular choice used in a variety of cuisines today making it a very versatile condiment.

While you enjoy the Peanut Butter filling in all its varieties, we focus on its glass container which is an integral step in providing this to the masses. We have a range of jars which are trusted by our customers to contain the delicious variety of spreads available to buy on the market now.

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