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Glassworks International manufacture and supply a wide range of bottles and jars in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

We produce bottles to contain beer, wine, spirits, water and various other soft drinks. Additionally, we offer a variety of glass jars and containers for food products and condiments, as well as Maraska and Dorica bottles which are often used for food oils.

Alongside our glass containers, we offer a variety of finishes compatible with most industry-standard closures, including Crown Caps, MCA, Twist Off and ROPP Caps, to name a few.

Glassworks International Wine Spirit glass bottle design manufacturer UK

Wines & spirits

Glassworks offers a wide range of glass wine bottles, including Bordeaux and Burgundy, allowing for traditional styles. Wine bottles are available in a variety of colours, including flint (clear), green and olive.

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Glassworks International glass jars manufacturer supplier UK


Glassworks International have one of the largest ranges of glass jars available on the market, with capacities from up to 1.5l. Our glass jars and containers are suitable for all foods, pastes, sauces and preserves.

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Glassworks International Soft drink bottles Bulk supplier UK

Soft Drinks

Our food-grade glass bottles supply for a huge range of soft drinks, including fruit juices, water and carbonated drinks. Our bottles are available with a variety of finishes and closures, including MCA3 and Crown.

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Glassworks International Oil Food glass bottle storage Manufacturer UK

Food & oil

Conventional Maraska and Dorica bottles are available in a variety of sizes to supply for all sorts of foods, pastes, oils, preserves and sauces that need to be stored in glass bottles.

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Glassworks International beer bottles manufacturer UK

Beers & Ciders

Traditional ale and lager bottles are available in sizes from 250ml through to 500ml and in a range of colours.

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Glassworks International miniature bespoke glass jar design UK


Glassworks International’s new range of miniatures are available in flint: glass bottles and jars suitable for tasting samples or products with delicate packaging to accompany your premium items.

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Can't see what you're looking for?

If you have an idea for a glass bottle, jar or container but can’t see anything in our range, please contact us.