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Wholesaling Glass Bottles & Jars

What is the role of the wholesaler?

When wholesaling glass bottles and jars, Glassworks International cross hurdles for our customers to make their supply chain smoother. All across the UK and Europe, the customers of Glassworks International know that they can place an order for pallets of glass bottles and jars and know that the wheels are in motion to get them delivered as per their schedule. The role of the wholesaler in every industry is clear; to bring a range of products together at an affordable price for their customers.

How can a wholesaler of glass bottles and jars help my business?

From the perspective of the customer, it is important to know that they can purchase large quantities of stock at a competitive price in a convenient manner. By buying glass bottles and jars from a single source, they can put together an accurate production forecast for their business. With one point of contact, they can synchronise a range of different operations, and have full oversight of any obstacles.

What are the challenges for the wholesaler of glass bottles and jars?

At Glassworks International, our day to day on the sourcing side involves speaking with customers to understand forecasts, working with shipping companies to plan the most efficient routes, and spending a lot of time planning with the factories that produce the glass in the first place. When customers are interested in our wholesale goods, a chain of conversation, strategy meetings and processes are initiated so that everyone has a full understanding of what needs to be achieved, what is possible and what (if any) compromises are to be made for this goal to be met.

When working with the factories to wholesale glass bottles and jars, work goes in to refining the design, running trials, auditing their processes to make sure standards are kept high, troubleshooting problems as they present themselves and pushing the schedule of our customers to the forefront to ensure that their goods are ready and delivered on time. You can read more about the Manufacturing Process on the Glassworks International blog.

Once the goods are prepared to our usual standards, the focus then switches to the hauliers and shipping companies to get these brought into our warehouses and distribution centres in a timely manner. This includes booking vessels, tackling customs challenges, arranging for collection and finally handling in the warehouse. For Glassworks International, our main distribution hub is in the UK, and the delivery network fans out from our premises in North Yorkshire.

What is most important for a wholesaler to use?

As with all businesses, being able to plan for the future is the single most valuable tool at our disposal. We work closely with our factories to get projects and forecasts of their requirements as far ahead as possible for wholesale bottles and jars. This allows us to take extra measures to be sure that their stock will be ready and waiting when they require it. A clear picture of what our customers require and what our suppliers are able to produce gives us opportunity to keep a smooth-running supply chain.

How can I arrange wholesaling of glass bottles and jars for my business?

The simplest way to arrange to use a wholesale of glass bottles and jars is simply to get in touch! Glassworks International both stock and source a wide range of bottles and jars in our UK warehouse, so simply call us on 01799 533400 or Contact Us via email and our team will reach out to discuss next steps.


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